What We Did

In Full Circle we become explorers. We went on a few different excursions like to Elysian Park where we learned how to work together as a team. We also went to Franklin Canyon where we went hiking, took pictures of the nine systems and learned cool Native skills like fox walking and tracking animals. Our last adventure was in our community where we took pictures of the nine systems and how we use them.

On the days we weren't on adventures we would still have a lot of fun here at school. We learned how to make fire by hand and then cooked bread called Bannock. We also learned how to make rope out of the plant Yucca. We learned how one thing can affect all things and that we can make a difference. In Full Circle we learn that if we cooperate with one another everything is more fun. We also learned that everything on Earth is meant to be on earth and that we shouldn't hurt it because humans can't hold up the web of life.

Toward the end of Full Circle our class came up with an awesome community service project. We decided to have a Toy/Food Drive. The food will go to LA's Regional Food Bank and the toys will be donated to the Good Samaritan. We decided to the Toy/Food Drive so people who are less fortunate can enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Our project is going on NOW until December 10, 2010. Feel the joy of giving and bring an unwrapped toy or any non perishable food to Clifford Street Elementary.


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