Web of Our World is a project of Full Circle, a program of the Wildwoods Foundation conducted with elementary schools in the Los Angeles area. Full Circle is a community-building program that uses ecology as a springboard to help students understand the importance of nature’s principles in their own neighborhood: Interdependence, Sustainability and Diversity.

Each class that participates in Full Circle builds their own Web of Our World site.  Developed with classroom teachers, the Web of Our World sites are built around reflective questions employed in the classroom: "Who We Are, What We Did, Where We Went and What We Learned."

With all content - photos & text - developed entirely by the students, Web of Our World is a record, by each class, of their Full Circle experience. Even more, Web of Our World documents the students’ exploration of the community surrounding their school, and a reflective comparison of that neighborhood with nature. Web of Our World is wonderful way to see the world through a child’s eyes. Please come inside and look around.



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